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Aerial Drone: 2K Photography & Video Imaging by DJI Mini SE

From $175 for 5 edited Photographs

Aerial Drone: 4K Photography & Video Imaging by DJI Mavic 3 Pro

From $245 for 5 edited Photographs & from $495 for one minute videos

Underwater Drone: 4K Photography & Video Imagining by QYSEA Fifish V6

From $345 for 5 edited Photographs & from $495 for one minute videos

Underwater Drone Hull Vessel or Rudder  Inspections

From $199 for 10-15 Photographs (unedited). Rates pro-rated per vessel length overall

Promotional Videos: 4K Aerial & Underwater Drone Photography & Video Imaging.

Full post-processing tailored to customers’ project requirements & job details. Estimated price available after initial consultation based on video content & post-production time

  • The Weather
    Please keep in mind that weather plays a crucial part in the operations of aerial & underwater projects. Risk assessment & job safety analysis will apply, & reschedules may be required.
  • Tide Dependent Vessel Inspections
    Please note that sufficient tide is required for underwater vessel inspections, especially for groundings on larger vessels. Vessel inspections are preferred to be carried out in a Marina.
  • Travel Charges
    No charge for 30KM radius of Airlie Beach. Additional travel calculated @ $00.50 per KM.
  • Offshore Projects
    Extra travel charges may apply depending on transportation available to locations.
  • Hourly Rate
    Onsite GoDrone pilot & project managers charged additionally @ $85.00 per person for longer projects.
  • Permits
    Depending on location & project, certain permits or approvals from CASA or Landowners may be required. This can be an additional cost. We will advise if further approvals are required.
  • Post Production
    All photographs & video content can be delivered in various formats in a professional timeframe related to specific projects.
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