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Our Services Include:

  • Underwater & Aerial Photo & Video

  • Hull Inspections & Submerged infrastructures

  • Commercial Media & Industrial Marketing

  • Real Estate Services & Solar Panel Inspections

  • Tourism & VR Technology underwater experiences

  • Environmental Monitoring



GoDrone Whitsundays is Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) registered (ARN1157365 -Aviation Reference Number) to operate commercially within the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASRs). Our pilot is a fully licensed RePl Drone Operator, with an Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate (AROC), and we hold current Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance as required.

Our team has been piloting remotely operated vehicles for more than 6 years collectively. We understand our operating procedures, the laws, and the environment. As such, we may need to reschedule your booking due to flight and submarine restrictions, taking into consideration weather and environmental safety factors.


Seb Head Shot.jpg

Seb is passionate about his work, ambitious, driven, and always motivated to get the job done. A lover of photography, underwater exploration technology & innovation. 

Cassandra has been fortunate to travel the world extensively, feeding her creative passion by visiting some of the most beautiful sights in the world. A lover of anything ART, with a keen eye for detail, Cass takes pride in working alongside Seb to produce some stunning images in the Whitsunday Region



Underwater Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Our fleet includes the QYSEA Fifish V6 professional which has outstanding underwater imagery. It uses underwater algorithms along with SONY CMOS sensors with 2 strong LED lights with 4000 lumens. 4k UHD video maximizes its performance with the usage of VR technology, allowing the pilot to have the ultimate viewing experience up to 100m deep. We can also offer this experience to our customers. Ever wondered what was under the sea, but don’t like the idea of snorkeling or diving? Simply move your head and Fifish will turn with you, and let us bring these immersive images to you.


Aerial Photography & Video Imaging

Our aerial drones can provide professional footage for any event, requirement, or inspection. Our largest aerial drone DJI Mavic 3 has the latest and best Hasselblad camera sensor that puts imaging above everything. This is the new benchmark of portable drones. 

Key features of the 4/3CMOS Hasselblad camera sensor include a 12.8 stop dynamic range professional imaging capable of capturing 20MP photos and 5.1k video recording. The second camera has a 7xzoom and up to 28x Hybrid Zoom with a maximum flight time of 45min. Other features include extreme positioning technology for master shots with the aid of the 3axis motorized gimbal, as well as omnidirectional obstacle sensing for more complex environments. Please note that actual results may vary depending on environment operations.  

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